Geographical Handbook Jugoslavia, volume III June 1945

Geographical Handbook Jugoslavia, volume III
Publicatie van de British Naval Intelligence Division (restricted)
June 1945
566 pagina's, vele uitklap landkaarten
Artikelnummer : MS5616
Prijs : € 30,00
The British Naval Intelligence Division Geographical Handbook Series was produced between 1941 and 1946. At 31 titles, encompassing 58 volumes, this is the largest single body of geographical writing ever published. The books were written to provide information for the Allied war effort. They were written by academics in two teams, one based in Cambridge and the other at Oxford. As lives depended on the information presented in the Handbooks, speed of production and accuracy of content were paramount. After the war, many of these handbooks were re-published, in modified form, as textbooks.