Backbone of the Wehrmacht The GERMAN KAR98k RIFLE, 1934-1945

p1011516.jpgBackbone of the Wehrmacht The GERMAN KAR98k RIFLE, 1934-1945
Richard D Law 1993 Author's Revised Edition (zeldzaam boek in NL)
367 pagina's, 478 foto-illustraties, boek is in nieuwstaat
Absoluut het enige en beste standaardwerk over de K98!
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Artikelnummer : MS4933
Prijs : € 75,00
367 pages, 478 illustrations. The most comprehensive study ever published of the 14,000,000 bolt-action K98k rifles produced in Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. Contains extensive information on the military and commercial background to the K98k; the materials and methods used in the manufacture, inspection and acceptance of the components of the K98k; a year-by-year chronology of K98k manufacturers, with illustrations of markings and data sheets on over 100 contractor/year variations, plus exhaustive data on quantities produced, manufacturing times, personnel, and costs; commercial and contract K98ks, and many 'one-offs' and experimentals. Illustrates and describes virtually every K98k accessory ever produced. The revised edition includes 150 new images and 38 more pages of text, with four Appendices.p1011530.jpgp1011531.jpgp1011532.jpg